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Toolkits & Reports

soundLINCS has produced a wealth of resources including the following toolkits and reports providing practical help based on research and experience, to both the music and non-music sectors.
Our toolkits and reports are developed as part of the soundLINCS Inquiring Minds Process© and are summarised here.


soundWELL Playing Cards

A collection of musical ideas and resources to distract patients from their immediate surroundings.

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Good Vibrations Toolkit 

A music toolkit for adults working with deaf and hearing impaired children and young people.

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Project Y Nott Report & Toolkit

A project showing the value, purpose and contribution
of music sessions that were provided for Children
in Challenging Circumstances.

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Groove and Grow Report

Supporting the social interactions of young
parents in challenging circumstances and their babies and toddlers, through musical activities.

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SEND Toolkit

Music making and singing approaches for
whole class teaching and group work in
Special Educational Needs and Disability schools.

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Fusion Report

A study of the value of music as a resource
and intervention for Children’s Services Practitioners  in Lincolnshire.

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soundlincs-early-ears-resource-pack First Notes

Early Ears  –  First Steps into Music

A practical and fun resource full of ideas for
music-making activities with children aged 0-5

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First Notes – App Free on iOS or Android

A music resource app for use in Early Years
settings or by parents and carers at
home – especially those without any
previous experience of music.

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First Notes Resource Pack

A complete guide to creative and constructive
 sessions with young children. The pack relates
directly to the Early Years Foundation Stage and is a practical, hard copy version of our First Notes App.

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Hitting the Spot Toolkit

A project that helps to understand and develop the social impact of music activity and strategy, whilst promoting social impact values.

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The Fusion, Groove and Grow, Project Y Nott, Good Vibrations, and SEND toolkits, were produced through
collaborative, creative action-research between soundLINCS and external institutions
as part of the Fund C Initiative.

Read more about Fund C here or click on the individual toolkits to find out more and download a free copy.


soundLINCS Early Years briefing paper prepared for Music Educators and Researchers of Young Children (MERYC) Conference 2018

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soundIMPACT – an impact study of soundLINCS’ first 10 years

soundIMPACT harnesses the impact soundLINCS has made on changing the community music landscape in Lincolnshire; including the Company’s contribution to the County’s economy; workforce development and employment; it’s major role in the artistic and cultural sectors together with its impact in informal and formal music education sectors in the Company’s first decade.

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For more information on soundLINCS Toolkits and more, e-mail info@soundlincs.org