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sound impact – an impact study of soundLINCS’ first 10 years

soundLINCS published sound impact in November 2008. This stylish book of words, images and music reflects and celebrates soundLINCS first ten years of operation and considered the opportunities for future development.

Download Now:  soundLINCS-soundIMPACT-Study.pdf

Cultural Solutions, Lincolnshire based arts consultancy, were commissioned to research and create sound impact through a wide range of interviews, and examining a decade of hard data, softer outcomes and anecdotal evidence.

sound impact is written in a lively and accessible style and examines many aspects of soundLINCS history, development and impact including:

  • Identifying soundLINCS’ national comparators and exemplars
  • Highlighting the models of good practice created by soundLINCS
  • Further identifying the breadth of the soundLINCS network
  • Case studies
  • Economic impact in the Lincolnshire economy
  • Placing the work of soundLINCS in the context of the challenges of supporting the relevant sectors within a rural context
  • Studying the impact and ongoing developments of soundLINCS organisational development project (SOD)

The case studies reflect a representative cross- section of the community and organisations, benefiting both directly and indirectly from soundLINCS, so that the immediate and wider impact of the project can be demonstrated in the report in a lively manner.

 The impact study provided credible advocacy for the benefits of continued investment in soundLINCS taking realistic account of the (then) current climate locally, regionally and nationally. The under-pinning ethos of the study acknowledged the significant journey soundLINCS and the associated stakeholders, participants and partners made over the decade 1998 – 2008 and provided some insight into the next stage of the journey.


Download Now:  soundLINCS-soundIMPACT-Study.pdf