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AbleNet BIGmack

DSCF7646What is it?: The BIGmack is a speech generating device and is a great tool to use in workshops. It allows the user to record up to 2 minutes of sound that can be played back by pressing the giant button on top. There are 4 different coloured buttons included with the BIGmack – red, green, yellow and blue – which allows different colours to correspond to different sounds when more than one device is used.

What is it used for?: There are endless possibilities for sound playback on the BIGmack – if you can record it, you can hear it at the touch of a button. It is particularly effective in workshops with SEND children as a communication device or an interactive and accessible way of making music. The size of the button allows those with reduced mobility and visual impairments to use it and multiple BIGmacks can be joined together to create an entire song.

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