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SoundEMission_logosoundEMission is a free e-information service for people involved in music development and education in the East Midlands.

soundEMission was created as part of the MusicLeader East Midlands programme, to be a regular e-bulletin which provides information and links to relevant services, work, development and funding opportunities, and a host of other items of interest.

If you want to subscribe to the bulletin click here, or if you have something you want to include then email us at info@soundlincs.org.

Your data is stored securely in accordance with Data Protection regulations and utilised solely for the purposes of soundEMission. You may unsubscribe at any time.  (See our Privacy Policy)

View past issues of soundEMission here:


“You’re out there on the high seas, with the internet,
just surfing and e-fishing
But if you want good advice and sound links,
then visit soundEMission
There’s business courses, contact resources 
and training events
Leading the music sector in creative common sense
Stay on it a minute or browse all night
at your own pace
Visit soundEMission, track it down in cyber space
Dreadlock Alien
(Poet & host of BBC Radio 4 Slam Poetry)