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soundADVICE! Evaluation

Workforce Development is an essential part of community music and music education, and a core strand of soundLINCS’ strategy.

soundLINCS has attained several years’ experience of running training projects, however over the last eighteen months, we have found it increasingly difficult to persuade and recruit participants to our workforce development activities across the East Midlands.  This has been a commonly experienced problem, with widespread reporting of a decline in take up for development and training opportunities in the arts and education sectors.

soundLINCS therefore commissioned Gail Dudson to undertake an evaluation of our regional Workforce Development programmes and consider the current effectiveness of activities and how they might be developed in future.  Gail’s Report, “soundADVICE!”, analyses the philosophy, processes, opportunities and results of our workforce development strand from April 2012 until October 2013, and offers recommendations for developing future workforce activities to increase interest and attendance