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Music Research

soundLINCS is currently undertaking several music research projects and we will be posting the results here. We also share here various music related research, reports and information as an online resource for all. To keep up to date with the informative research and studies that we find, check out soundEMission, where they are included in the ‘In Depth’ section each month.

older-adults-(c)-musicnotesdotcomGeneral Music

A great infographic linking to several research sources, showing the Benefits of Playing Music

Including education & development and the benefits of music for older adults.


January 2018 – Health & Wellbeing; Older People/Dementia:  Research by the Commission on Dementia and Music presented to House of Lords reporting the value of music in improving the quality of life for people with dementia and calling for more work and increased funding.

News Article     News Article     Report


January 2018 – General Music:  Musical meaning may transcend cultural boundaries

Article     Report

January 2018 – Health & Wellbeing: Singing ‘speeds up’ recovery from post natal depression.

News Article     News Article     Report

December 2017 – Health & Wellbeing:  Community Singing ‘improves mental health and aids recovery’.  Research from a project by Sing Your Heart Out exploring how singing workshops affect peoples’ wellbeing.

News Article     Report

culture and artsJune 2017 – Health & Wellbeing:  The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing presents the findings of two years of research – Creative Health: The Arts for Health and Wellbeing.

 News Article      Reports


January 2017 – Brain Development:  Music instruction can accelerate brain development in children and can help teens to focus and process sound, according to two new academic papers.  News Article

April 2016 – Health & Wellbeing: Study shows that choir singing boosts immune system activity in cancer patients and carers:         News Article      Research Paper

March 2016 – Health &Wellbeing: Psychological and Physical Benefits of Choral Singing – recent findings from a study suggest that there are specific unique benefits related to choral singing

News Article     Research Paper

March 2016 – Health &Wellbeing: Group drumming relieves sypmtoms of anxiety and depression:    drumming-from-internet-free-usag

News Article    Research Paper


October 2015 – Early Years: Shared music making with young children in the home helps support children’s development:    News Article      Research Paper

Octobedo review improver 2015 – Workforce Development:  Do Review Improve – a Youth Music framework to evaluate the quality of music-making sessions



September 2015 – Technology: How technology can improve access to music education in rural areas – a report by NYMAZ

August 2015 – Health: Music can help ease pain and anxiety after surgery:     News Article    Research Paper

June 2015 – Health:  Effects of music on heart rate and blood pressure:     News Article

January 2015 – Rural Isolation: A report by NYMAZ on music and children living in rurally isolated communities:  Article and Report

2014 – Older People and Music Making: An exploration of the Sage Gateshead’s Silver Programme – Music Making and Learning for people over 50.   Research     Full Report    Website

October 2014 – Technology: Using iPads in Participatory Music by Sound Connections:    Article and Reports

March 2014 –  Workforce Development: soundADVICE!:  soundADVICE! was an external evaluation, commissioned from Gail Dudson, of soundLINCS’ regional Workforce Development programmes funded by the National Foundation for Youth Music. It considers the philosophy, processes, opportunities and results of Workforce Development activity in the music sector and draw conclusions on how it could be developed in the future to increase interest and attendance.     Evaluation Report

November 2013 – Cultural Inclusion:  Beyond Performance – A Cultural Enquiry into major events and culture from Kings College London

July 2013 – Music and Language Development:   Study from The Journal of Neuroscience – Neuroscientists’ research links music, rhythmic abilities and language skills.

2010 – 2011 – Older People and Music Making: New Dynamics of Aging research into music in the lives of older people.   Website    Research Findings

2011 – Older People / Dementia:   www.musicandartsinaction.net  –   A study by Mariko Hara covering the effect of music in those with dementia.

Older People / Dementia:   A film by musicandmemory.org showing how music can tap into deep memories not lost to dementia enabling them to feel like themselves again, to converse,socialise and stay present.  

 Looked-After-Children-An-Evidence-Review-Youth-Music Looked After Children:This Youth Music report by Lucy Dillon with contributions from soundLINCS’ Programme Development Manager John Stafford, explores the outcomes that can be achieved through music-making projects for looked after children, and the barriers and facilitators to the effective delivery of these projects.