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Active Learning

‘I Could Do That’

Know About and Use Early Years Apps

During Summer 2014 we 76 (Copy)held ‘Early Years Arts in the Park – I Could Do That’; a free active creative learning event held in Rufford Abbey Country Park by soundLINCS and the Nottinghamshire County Council Arts Service.

Over 300 practitioners, parents and children joined us for a day of innovative ‘active learning’ music and arts workshops, with 10 different activities running throughout the day. The children were involved in all of the day’s workshops, giving the Early Years practitioners a great insight into how engaging the activities were bespokely for their groups and also experiencing the impact of the session on the children.

The event built on the simple phrase ‘I can do that’ by using the known habits of settings to create and develop a programme of events and activities that inspire and enthuse the Early Years practitioners and their groups.

It did this through bringing to life existing information leaflets and trails within Rufford Abbey Country Park and showing carers ways of working with their children and discovering how arts can deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage whilst having fun, and providing scope for them to further develop the ideas themselves.

This is the first of a series of 4 videos illustrating the active learning provided by music workshops on the day.  This video offers an overview of the workshop ‘Know About and Use Early Years Apps’ with soundLINCS’ Music Facilitator Eddy Mentzel. Eddy has worked with soundLINCS for the past 10 years, specialising in music technology.  He has worked in a diverse range of settings and with groups fcropaitprom early years to adult. More recently Eddy has been delivering full class iPad workshops in primary schools across the country.

In his workshop Eddy used iPads to demonstrate a variety of tried and tested music apps for early year’s activities, enabling practitioners and children to explore and create music using the iPads, and gain advice from a music technology specialist. To find out more about the applications that Eddy uses in the video and many more apps for Early Years and other age groups, visit our App Share page here.

Play Music When I Don’t Have Any Instruments

This is the second of our 4 videos illustrating the active learning provided at our Early Years Arts in the Park – ‘I Could Do That’ day last year.  This video offers an overview of the workshop ‘Play Music When I Don’t Have Any Instruments’ with soundLINCS’ Music Facilitator Heather Benson.

Heather has been working with soundLINCS and creating music with Early Years groups for the past 5 years. She has run workshops in children’s centres, schools, nurseries, village halls, community centres and various outdoor events. Heather has also been involved in soundLINCS’ Root Notes programme providing advice to Early Years settings on how music can become an integral part of their day.

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In the workshop Heather explored sounds and textures in the environment and how music can be created using the objects around us, whether it be the scrunch of gravel, the tapping of trees or scraping a fence, there are sounds everywhere for us to explore.

Create Sound Stories

The 3rd of our 4 videos illustrating the active learning provided at our62 (Copy) Early Years Arts in the Park – ‘I Could Do That’ day last year is out now.  This video offers an overview of the workshop ‘Create Sound Stories’ with soundLINCS’ Music Facilitator Cathy Royal.

Cathy is a soundLINCS Music Facilitator with over seven years of experience in music making activities with Early Years children and has worked in a range of settings from nursery schools to hospitals; where she has used music as a tool to help develop communication skills, self-confidence and other skills that can be used throughout later life.

In this workshop Cathy explored traditional tales and familiar stories as well as songs and rhymes that tell a story. The children were encouraged to join in with hands, voices, home-made and conventional instruments to bring stories to life. They also tried to put together some of their own stories and use the sound effects to enhance their ideas.

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‘I Could Do That’ – Create Musical Games

The last of our active learning videos from Early Years Arts in the Park – ‘I Could Do That’ last summer is out now.  The video offers an overview of the workshop ‘Create Musical Games’ with soundLINCS’ Music Facilitator Helen Knight.

Helen has been a Music Facilitator and Workshop Leader for soundLINCS since January 2003. She’s hugely experienced in Early Years work and has run many soundLINCS Early Years sessions and enriched the lives of hundreds of local children, parents and carers by incorporating music, dance and music games into their everyday activities.

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In this workshop Helen explored how to build a wealth of musical activities which can be drawn on easily and which ease the planning of music sessions, giving more time to spend making music with your children.