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Delivering social prescriptions through music across Lincolnshire


UpBEAT! is a soundLINCS service to support the health and wellbeing of the community, and prevention for people with mental illness which Social Prescribers and Health Care Professionals can ‘tap into’ and refer, with confidence, the use of music.


Music is fantastic for good health and wellbeing, a strong cognitive stimulus, ideal for social engagement, mental health and strengthening the brain’s executive function, reducing stress, depression, dementia and making people feel good!


This very powerful art form has the ability to appeal to many people.  This is due to numerous types and ways to access music.  A positive musical experience for a participant can only be achieved through ensuring a good understanding of expectation/desires (often unknown at the outset), is married with the correct musical opportunity.


This is where soundLINCS can help with UpBEAT!


The UpBEAT service is triggered through a referral from a Health Practitioner and/or Social Prescriber.  soundLINCS then ensures a clear and prompt process for responding:-

1.  The referrer contacts soundLINCS and provides the person’s name, contact details and any essential health context.

2.  soundLINCS core staff contact the person within 24 hours via phone/Zoom to explore their musical interests, ambitions   background and discuss possibilities and opportunities to ensure a positive appropriate musical experience.

3.  soundLINCS provide a music related activity, either as a bespoke session delivered by a professional Music Facilitator or an introduction, sign posting or other intervention within 7 days.  Activities could vary from 1-2-1 to group work; from online to   face to face; examples include learning an instrument, writing a song, exploring music technology, singing with a choir, playing   with a rock and pop band, creating playlists or finding music on the internet.

4.  soundLINCS continue to provide further activities/support in discussion with the participant and/or Social Prescriber.


UpBEAT! is a free service.  UpBEAT is part of the Community Asset Development – Social Prescriber Wave 1 programme and currently focuses in the Grantham, Lincoln South, Gainsborough and Boston Primary Care Networks.


To refer, call 01522 510073 or email Upbeat@soundlincs.org



Frequently Asked Questions:


Have you any more examples of musical activities?


  • A participant may love singing but never had the confidence to sing with others or as part of a choir – we can work with the person to help increase their musical confidence and introduce them to a group or choir which suits them.


  • The dream is to write a song or music – time with one of our amazing Music Facilitators exploring the creative process will have the participant song writing and composing music or even creating dance tracks.


  • The person used to play the guitar in a band and would like to do that again – we can help create or signpost suitable groups and if needed, help settle you in.


  • Health Practitioners and/or Social Prescribers are aware of a few people who have an interest in music – we can create a ‘Music Club’ and organise music sessions to bring people together and explore their interests in music.


  • A participant enjoys walking and loves music – we can join their passions together by arranging a walk that involves recording the sounds they hear to use in creating their own soundtrack or sound tapestry.


  • Maybe a person just wants to talk about music or create their own playlist.


Whatever the type or genre of music – be it rock and pop, world music, jazz, classical or creating their own sounds – we can help using the most appropriate way for the referred.