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soundLINCS was one of 26 organisations in the UK who ran the National Foundation for Youth Music’s Musical Inclusion Programme, which aimed to ensure that there were a wealth of opportunities for children and young people in challenging circumstances to access high-quality music making for their progression.

soundLINCS called this programme ‘soundINCLUSION’.  The programme ran from 2012 – 2015 and worked with our local and regional partners to deliver a range of fantastic projects working with some inspirational communities, including Looked after Children in Nottinghamshire, patients on hospital wards across Lincolnshire and with the travelling communities in Leicester/shire.


A key aspect of soundINCLUSION was the provision of support for all those working with children and young people in challenging circumstances, including hosting training sessions, network events and conferences plus the distribution of information from across the East Midlands region via our free e-information service bulletin, ‘soundEMission’, which is an invaluable tool for those involved in music development across the region.

Another focus of soundINCLUSION was to gain an overview of what music making activity already exists in the East Midlands, and to work with our local and regional partners to address any gaps in music making provision for children and young people in challenging circumstances to make sure they have the best access to music making possible.

Throughout our 16 year history, soundLINCS has developed a wealth of experience and partnerships in delivering work with Looked After Children, At Risk and Children in Challenging Circumstances; as well as offering a range of Workforce Development opportunities for professionals working with these children and young people.


soundINCLUSION built upon this brilliant work in Lincolnshire, Leicester/shire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland, in collaboration with our partners, the Music Education Hubs and The Mighty Creatives – the Arts Council England Bridge Organisation for the East Midlands.

The focus of the programme will be on delivering new musical opportunities for young people in challenging circumstances and strengthening the music education sector as a whole.

Examples of some of the activities in which we will achieve this are:

soundWELL – music making in Children’s Wards and Clinics in hospitals

Set The Tone – working with the Nottinghamshire Youth Justice Service to give young people the opportunity to create their own ring tone.

Music of Diversity – music making with 2 primary schools in Rutland which have doubled in size due to an expansion of personnel within the army bases in close proximity to them.

soundINCLUSION has additional funding and support from the Music Education Hubs in Lincolnshire, Leicester/shire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland.


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