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Sing Up!

Sing Up is the Music Manifesto’s National Singing Programme.  It is a programme to make sure that singing is at the heart of every primary school child’s life in the belief that singing has power to change lives and help to build stronger communities.  Sing Up’s overall aim is to raise the status of singing and increase opportunities for primary school children throughout the country to enjoy singing as part of their everyday lives.

sing up website

soundLINCS was chosen to be the Sing Up Area Leader for Lincolnshire and were one of the most successful counties in the country, signing up very close to 100% of all primary schools.  We were also chosen to to lead Sing Up Lyndsey – one of Sing Up’s ‘Sing Up Community Projects’, aiming to place singing at the heart of the community.  We ran a number of other Sing Up projects including Beyond the Mainstream, Chorister Outreach and Young Singing Leaders.

Sing Up continues to operate via membership through a dedicated website www.singup.org which provides a wealth of information and resources.

Take a look at our videos highlighting some of the work and projects delivered for as part of the programme:


Several of the major projects and events from Sing Up! can be viewed in more detail in our Past Projects section. Click the links below to find out more: