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Sing 66

Held at the Meres Leisure Centre in Grantham in February 2011, Sing 66 was the largest single event in the country to celebrate National Sing Up Day; with over 1000 children from 48 schools across Lincolnshire gathering to mark the occasion.
Sing 66 Sing 66

All of the schools involved in the project were organised into seven clusters, each comprising a secondary school and its respective feeder primary schools. Music facilitators from soundLINCS had then been working with the clusters since November 2010, running vocal coaching sessions for staff and pupils in the primary schools and providing training in the secondary schools to develop a team of Young Singing Leaders.

The project was described by soundLINCS’ Sing Up Programme Development Officer Colin Reed as ‘not only supporting a culture of singing in Lincolnshire schools but also creating a pool of expertise from which the county will benefit for years to come.’ Sing 66 featured songs performed by each of the seven clusters, with 70 Young Singing Leaders also taking to the stage with their own original composition. The finale of the event was the first performance of ‘As Far As I Can See’, a commissioned piece for 1000 voices by local singer-songwriter Liz Lenten. The piece was inspired by the theme of ‘Lincolnshire’s Landscapes & Skylines’, the song incorporated words and ideas that were generated by the children and young people involved.


One teacher commented after Sing 66 that: “The event was absolutely fantastic. It was a brilliant opportunity to take part in such a large choir and I am sure the children will remember it for a very long time”. For more photographs of the event visit the Flickr folder!