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Meltdown was a large music event held in August 2003 to celebrate the first anniversary of sound52. Over 200 young people and soundLINCS Music Facilitators performed in front of an audience of nearly 700 at Butlins Resort in Skegness, giving a performance of enormous size and excellence.

The event was the culmination of a year’s work by the young people involved and provided them with the unique opportunity to practice and perform specially commissioned works for the event; written by renowned musicians including Oasis, Midge Ure and Mauricio Venegas.


In addition tomeltdown the commissioned pieces of music Meltdown event also saw the premiere of five new pieces of music which had been professionally mixed by selected music Producers.  Each Producer worked with a small team of young people to record at sound52 sessions around the region.  These sounds were then taken into the studio, mixed and sampled to create the finished tracks.

One participant said after the event: “It was an absolutely fantastic day and I enjoyed every moment of it. The musical talent and creativity on show were outstanding.  All the young people were bursting with self-esteem and everyone was so proud to hear and see them all.

Meltdown is one of soundLINCS’ events to have gone on to have a real lasting legacy within the local community. Over 10 years on it has had a significant impact on the lives of many of the young people involved, many of whom have gone on to study music at higher education and beyond as a result of their involvement in the programme.
For more photographs of the event visit the Flickr folder!