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Early Ears

Early Ears is an accessible and creative music-making programme developed by soundLINCS and CfBT.

The overall aim of Early Ears is to raise participation in children’s centres through activities that engage children and families and break down barriers to attendance.  The programme will support families to access high quality activities with their children, improving interactions and relationships within their communities.

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The soundLINCS Music Facilitator will act as a mentor, trainer and supporter to provide a CfBT Practitioner with ideas, information and guidance on providing fun accessible music activities to groups of young children and their parents / carers.  The content for each residency is a bespoke programme to suit every group, with all music-making activities being related to the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The aims of the programme are:

– To enable Practitioners to develop new skills to effectively deliver high quality musical experiences to children & young people they support.

– For Practitioners and Parents to gain confidence to use music to engage and develop children and young people’s learning opportunities.

– That practitioners receive appropriate support and training in order to sustain the key elements of the project independently.

– Allow children to access and participate in high quality creative music activities, and progress at a differentiated appropriate level of development.

– To enable Practitioners to use creative musical activities alongside other forms of communication in order to help children voice their thoughts, ideas and feelings.

Early Ears is funded by Youth Music, CfBT and soundLINCS.

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