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Lincolnshire Sings

Lincolnshire Sings is a resource to help people identify community choral groups in their area across Lincolnshire.

Our Vision: It’s a one stop shop for aspiring singers wanting to find a group they can join. Or maybe School teachers ascertaining which choirs and already established groups there are close to them. We are hopeful it encourages and enables young people & adults who love to sing, the opportunity to easily find out how & where to go to join others with a passion for singing!

How to use the map: Search in your area and click on a marker to reveal more information about that group, including their contact details and rehearsal time and venue.

These have all been sorted into 3 separate fields which will make the markers appear in different colours when the category is selected, with the key at the bottom of the map showing what each colour denotes.

If you have a specific group or location in mind you can also use the search bar in the top right to help you locate the choral group you’re looking for.


Lincolnshire Sings began life as part of the National Foundation for Youth Music’s Network Programme, EMTaP – East Midlands Talent & Potential, which was heavily subsidised by the National Foundation for Youth Music with additional support from each of the Music Education Hubs in the East Midlands region.  Today soundLINCS support and maintain the information to share.

If you know of any other singing or vocal groups in your area not on this map please do get in touch with soundLINCS at info@soundlincs.org or by calling us on 01522 510073 and we will happily include them.