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Jo Stockdale Wednesday Workshop Wonders


As part of our series of training sessions, soundLINCS is delighted to offer training events led by Jo Stockdale of the Child Learning and Development Advisory Centre (CLADAC).

Our growing understanding of the developing brain is no longer just a topic for the neuroscientists and we now know that every human interaction a child experiences affects their developing brain. With the right understanding it is easy to get this right-but, with the wrong input, it is easy to get this very wrong!

Keeping up with a brain that is growing and changing so fast is a challenge and these sessions will give you the essential tools that will literally help you to ‘Build the Brain’.


20 April 2016 – “Building The Brain – Early Years” – 1pm – 4pm @ soundHOUSE, 18 St Martin’s Lane, Lincoln LN2 1HY

This session will explore how the brain is formed from birth and how it is built in response to the sensory, social and emotional environment it finds itself in.

Adults who work and live with children have an enormous impact on how children learn, make behavioural choices and develop positive attitudes, and this session will show you how what you get out of children is so dependent; not only on what you put in; but just as importantly, how. Designed to give you the tools to help nurture independent and confident learners, this session provides practical strategies that you can start to implement immediately to address poor learning, difficult-to-manage behaviour, immature emotional competence and negative attitudes.



18 May 2016 – Teenage Brain – 10am – 4pm @ soundHOUSE, 18 St Martin’s Lane, Lincoln LN2 1HY

 The ‘Teen Brain’ is a power house for learning as it literally reconfigures itself for life in the adult world. By tapping into the brain’s strengths, rather than locking horns with its deficits; we will show you how to develop young people’s learning ability as they face exams and new stressors. We will also help you understand why many of the personal and social problems occur with this age group, and; whether you are a parent, teacher or other practitioner; will show you how you can confidently support young people (and yourself) through the turbulent transition into adulthood.

New research is enabling us to understand some conditions at a neurological level and this session is ideal for practitioners working with vulnerable children and young people who have had a shaky start in life, and likely to have experienced some kind of trauma and quite possibly have poor attachment.

Music-making is the most brain building activity one can do (at any stage of life) and this session will explain how music can help young people overcome some compromises in the soft wired areas of  the brain and promote healthy and strong brain development.


15 June 2016 – Impact on Arts and Creativity – 10am – 4pm @ soundHOUSE, 18 St Martin’s Lane, Lincoln LN2 1HY

This session covers the Neuroscience of Creativity and Therapeutic Use of Creativity and will decode what is actually happening to the brain and the nervous system when ‘creative activity’ is taking place, and by understanding how to activate the ‘innovation switch’ in the young people you work with, you will show you how to plant the seeds of creative capacity.

‘Therapeutic’ means ‘healing’ and creative practitioners are brilliant at co-creating a healing environment. You already know that working creatively brings about positive attitudinal change – confidence, self-esteem, and a freedom to be themselves – even though the project you were working on may not have had those specific objectives.

This workshop explores ‘What is a ‘Therapeutic Outcome?’ and shows you how to consciously reach this with many of the groups and individuals you work with.

You will learn how to create an environment to support change, and how to design specific creative activities to initiate this change and transformation without triggering trauma. This will develop your confidence and consciousness about the ‘what and how’ of what you do, so you become a co-creator of positive, healthy energy within the people you work with.



To book your place on these exciting sessions email george@soundlincs.org or get in touch on 01522 510073.