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Groove and Grow Report

The study arose from a Youth Music funded project for soundLINCS to support social interactions of young parents in challenging circumstances and their babies and toddlers, through musical activities.

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It was initially focused on young parents leaving care and developed into a programme working with those in challenging circumstances. soundLINCS liaised with relevant organisations to facilitate musical activities in the young parents’ homes and later venues for group meetings. A designated soundLINCS Music Facilitator organised the musical activities delivered, including reference to ideas and initiatives from the young parents involved. The group meetings began at the soundLINCS base, later accessing a purpose-built facility (The Foyer) for the second stage of the programme. Findings showed that the support through music was highly beneficial, giving participants greater confidence and resilience to develop their next steps both for themselves and their children, as well as promoting an enjoyment of musical activities.

It was planned to develop the initiative further through another programme of meetings, accessing a safe and secure outdoor play area.  The report begins with a consideration of the context of the work and an overview from literary sources, of possible challenges for young parents.



Download Now: Groove and Grow

Or, to view the toolkit online within your browser, please click here.

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