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Early Years Resource Pack

Early Ears  –  First Steps into Music

The benefits of music-making have been studied, documented and applauded – for young children particularly, it helps with developing social, communication and co-ordination skills.  It is known to be great fun, a value acknowledged formally in the National Plan for Music Education.


This pack is a practical and fun resource full of ideas for music-making activities with children aged 0-5.  Devised and designed by soundLINCS especially for use at home, it draws upon professional experiences gathered over a decade of music-making with young children.  It provides eight fun activities along with tips on using common household items for making music and interesting and informative musical facts and evidence of the benefits to youngsters that each of the musical activities can bring.

Have fun – it’s never too soon to get those Early Ears tuned in!

Download here: Music Ideas for Early Years Children