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B15 FAQ’s

To download a pdf version of this information please click here.  Please make sure you give us the information we need from you – click here.

When and where is B15?
B15 will be taking place on May 3rd 2014 at the Epic Centre on the Lincolnshire Showground. LN2 2NA

 What time will the day start and end?
There will be staggered starts (see our timetable) to the day but all rehearsals will be underway by 10:30am

Do I need to see the music before hand?
Do you need to see the music before hand, not necessarily? We are happy for you to turn up on the day and play! Our amazingly skilled arrangers have created various parts which we hope will cover most of the skill levels – there may be an odd note you will need to learn or practice up! By having the music before hand you can check it out and if needed we can work with you to find the right part.

Do I need to rehearse in advance?
We will be holding open rehearsals for those wishing to see and play through the music (see above) 

How do I know which section, I or my group  want to play in?
For existing or established groups such as brass bands and orchestra the clue is probably in the title of your group. For others you have a choice visit our website www.soundlincs.org and see what  instruments each section is written for.
 For choral singers – All choral sections – traditional and gospel/rock will be included in the sheet music.  Each singer can choose to take part in everything or just a specific section.

Can I be in more that 1 section?
For some, depending on your instrument there may be an opportunity to play in more than one section.   However although we will do the best to accommodate this, it will be dependant of the number of requests and the logistics of the seating layout. Therefore please indicate your preferred section you wish to play in, followed by your other choices in descending order of interest!!

What instruments are in each section?
Our full list can be found here.

 What options are there for sheet music?
At present we have produced parts in the form of; Sheet music; tabs; just lyrics (or the words); lyrics and music; CD; MP3  if we have omitted your preferred  option please tell us. You can listen to the demo music files here.  Please be aware that these are mainly electronic demos using specialist music software and don’t represent how the piece will sound on the day!

 How do I know how many parts of music I need?
This should match the number of players you have ie 6 violins, 4 trumpets etc For some parts we do have more that one skill level easy and harder, where you are uncertain as to the skill level of the player please request both parts so you can decided when they arrive

Can I photocopy the parts if I don’t request enough?
Yes you can soundLINCS owns the copyright of this piece of music

What delivery methods are there?
1      Attended an open rehearsal – see below
2      Have the music posted or emailed out to you
3      Have the music hand delivered to you. For groups we are able to offer a member of the soundLINCS team to come and play through the section with you.  Although we will make every effort for accommodate this please be aware that with such a large number of groups, this might not be totally feasible, therefore these opportunities will be allocated on a  first come bases.

Is there a score for each section?
Yes there is, this has been produced as a standard traditional music score

Can I just turn up on the day?
Yes  you can, although to ensure we have a space  for you we would rather you simply registered on the our website www.soundlincs.org and turn up on the day

How long will the performance be?
The performance itself will last approximately an hour.

 Can I bring friends / family?
There will be space in the exhibition hall across from the Epic Centre should you wish for your family and friends to stay for the day. The performance will be live streamed to a big screen in the exhibition hall, although there will not be an audience in the Epic Centre.

 Is there anywhere for people to watch? The project is designed to be  ‘live streamed’ on the internet, therefore anyone can watch it on line during the performance.  It won’t be possible to have an audience in the performance hall as you play, however there will be a giant screen and live feed in an adjacent building which will show the performance in a café style environment.

What does ‘Live Streaming’ mean?
The final performance will be filmed and shown live on the internet. Anyone and everyone will be able to watch it live from anywhere in the world! We will be playing the film on a screen live in the exhibition hall.

Can I bring small children?
As a public event all children are the responsibility of their parents/ carers.  We hope we have accommodated as many people as possible, however in order to create such an ambitious performance Saturday 3 May will be a long day, with lots of people and periods needing to be silent.  We are slightly concerned that this would not be too much fun for very small children. Therefore, on this occasion, we suggest those taking part will probably be above 6 year. However as parents and carers you know your children best, we just want all participants to have a really enjoyable time.

Please note there is a café area in an adjacent building for anyone to wait if they are not participating.

 Are refreshments provided?
There will be somewhere for you to buy food and drink on site but you are very welcome to bring a packed lunch and flask. No alcohol though please.

What is the Guinness World Record attempt?
Our Guinness World Record ® attempt is going to be poptastic! We hope to break the record for ‘The Most People Popping Bubble Wrap!’ We shall be doing this in spectacular soundLINCS fashion, we wont just be popping bubble wrap but creating rhythms with the sounds of snap, crackle and pop!

 Will there be media coverage?
There will be media coverage. Local radio stations, Press and Television Networks have all been invited. All participants are assumed to have given permission to be photographed and /or filmed.

What should I wear?
We would love for the day to look like our colourful B15 logo and are asking everyone to wear the brightest clothes they dare!