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soundLINCS is a registered Arts Award centre, delivering Discover, Explore Bronze and Silver Arts Awards. Whether you are an individual looking to gain a nationally recognized qualification or an organisation looking to use Arts Award as part of your project, soundLINCS has trained advisers who can help. If you would like to find out more please contact us on 01522 510073 or email info@soundlincs.org

soundLINCS is proud to be an Arts Award Supporter. This means that if you are currently taking part in Arts Award through your school, your youth centre or any other organisation, we may be able to help you achieve your goals!

No matter which level of the Arts Award programme you’re currently working at, soundLINCS can offer opportunities for you to progress through the programme. If you are working on your Arts Award at the moment, below is a list of ways we might be able to help you:
  • Provide opportunities for participation in music-based arts activity. This could be as a performer, but also as part of the production team, for example lighting, sound or stage management
  • Provide opportunities for attending arts events
  • Provide opportunities to work with a music facilitator to help lead musical activities (at any level)
  • Provide opportunities to visit our workshops and music sessions
  • Provide opportunities for volunteering or work experience
  • Provide information about our organisation as an arts development organisation for research purposes
If you would like to talk to us about any of these opportunities, or if you have an idea that isn’t listed above, please contact us on 01522 510073 or email info@soundlincs.org

LINCOLNSHIRE CHILDREN'S UNIVERSITY PNG LOGOThe Children’s University is an international charity that provides 7 – 14 year olds (and 5-6 year olds with their families) access to exciting and innovative Children’s University Learning Activities and experiences outside of the normal school day.  Achievement is celebrated and participation rewarded through the award of Children’s University Certificates.

Any child aged 5 – 14 years can join the Lincolnshire Children’s University, and when issued with a Children’s University Passport, is able to take part in the Learning Activities and experiences offered by validated Learning Destination providers. Once the child completes their passport they receive a graduation certificate, presented at a graduation ceremony at the University of Lincoln.

soundLINCS has been assessed as a Learning Destination providing good quality learning activities and experiences for children and young people that have been quality approved by the Children’s University.
The Children’s University validates any activities that will enable children and young people to develop skills or knowledge that relates to a subject that can be studied further in Higher Education.

Equality register Logo Member

soundLINCS is now a member of the Association of Equality Scheme Providers, highlighting that we take our commitment to Equality and Diversity seriously, particularly as a supplier to public sector contracts

The Equality Register provides up to date information on our equality status. This Register is in the public domain and can be accessed online. The aim of the AESP is to encourage better equality and diversity practices, believing that greater visibility of equality and diversity makes a positive contribution to better practices.


The Family Arts Campaign is a large scale, national collaborative programme led by the visual and performing arts sectors to increase levels of arts engagement by families. The Campaign focuses on three main areas of work:

  • Increasing the amount and range of high-quality content available
  • Increasing the quality of experience
  • Improving marketing

soundLINCS meets and has signed up to the Family Arts Standards recognising the importance of family audiences and the need to continue to develop and maintain a great welcome to families.

Supporting GetCreative RedGet Creative is a campaign led by the BBC and What Next? in partnership with a huge range of arts, cultural and voluntary organisations across the UK. It is a major celebration of the arts, the culture and the creativity that flourishes up and down this country and is enjoyed by millions.

The campaign is a celebration of the world-class arts, culture and creativity across the UK and sets out to encourage a broad audience to engage more meaningfully with the arts.

Get Creative, led by the BBC and What Next?, came about as a result of the Warwick Commission on the Future of Cultural Value and collaboration with Voluntary Arts, Culture at King’s, 64 Million Artists, Fun Palaces, Cultural Learning Alliance and Arts Council England.

logoWe are a member of Sound Sense, a membership organisation that provides support to organisations and individuals who help people make music in their communities. Sound Sense help to support professional development and networking opportunities, provide information, advice and contacts through newsletters and regular updates, and ultimately help to raise awareness of the major issues and trends taking place in community music across the country.