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St Clements Inspires

Future of the Past came to St Clements Church, Grainthorpe in November 2021 for a jam packed two days of creative fun. This event was designed to break down the barriers about what can and cannot be done in a Church. Eddy (Audiojunkie) and Colin, music facilitators of music production and organ, worked very closely with the local community of Grainthorpe and Grainthorpe Junior School to produce some wonderful work that included original music featuring the organ and music technology.

The first day was called ‘Have a Go’, which was a day of exploration and creativity that was inspired by the beauty and rich history that St Clements Church in Grainthorpe holds. It was a day for the community to have a go at a wide range of creative activities and be inspired by St Clements Church. The aims of the day were for the community to venture out, meet up and come together to create together.

The second day of Future of the Past’s presence at St Clements was called ‘Sharing’. It was a celebratory exhibition day to celebrate and share the work created by the young people at Grainthorpe Junior School and the community. It was also a chance for hidden lockdown artists’ skills and creations to be shown and shared!


Some young people from Year 5 at Grainthorpe Junior School spent some time writing a piece of poetry that was focused around the beautiful graffiti that appears around the St Clements Church. They performed the poem alongside some music on the Sharing Day, of which you can experience by listening to the performance below.











Young people in Year 6 at Grainthorpe Junior School spent time creating and recording some original music tracks using music technology. They utilised the rich heritage and unbelievable beauty that St Clements holds as creative inspiration for their tracks. You can listen to the incredible creations that the young people made below.

Ship – Charlie & Byron

Jesus – Dillon & Arian


Spring – Lacey & Macey

Graveyard Walk – Leon & Lewis

Ship – Olive









‘Organ Damage’ is the music track that was written and produced with Eddy and Colin, who were the music facilitators for music production and the organ. The track was created using the newly refurbished St Clements Church organ. Eddy and Colin premiered the track on ‘Sharing Day’ as part of the project. Please give the track a listen below.


A sample pack of the St Clements Church Organ was created which you can listen to on SoundCloud below.


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