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App Share August 2020

3 more apps to support your musical creativity this month!

Let us know what you think of them and what you’ve been using recently.  Contact us on Facebook or Twitter with your favourites, and visit App Share to see more of ours!

Musyc (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 4+

What is it?  Musyc is a free app that lets you play with an interactive musical environment. By touching the screen you can manipulate how the sounds you are hearing change, whilst adding shapes and patterns to it.

Why do we love it? The app not only encourages musical exploration from a young age, but also serves as a meditative experience. It also has many customisable options for its graphics and sound.


Hokusai Audio Editor (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 12+

What is it? Hokusai is a free audio editing app that allows for an easy way to edit and record on the go.

Why do we love it? Hokusai has a clean, un-cluttered design that makes it convenient to edit audio quickly. It also has a ‘scrubbing’ tool that allows you to hear your audio as you press it.


Guitar Pro (£6.99 on iOS and £4.99 on Google Play)

What is it? Guitar pro is one of the best mobile notation apps for guitar and bass players. The app is designed to play and learn both sheet music and tablature for your instrument.

Why do we love it? Guitar Pro is an easy way to view sheet music, as well as use the in app features to help you play: such as tempo editing, direct playback and a visual metronome.


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