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App Share March

3 more apps to support your musical creativity this month!

Let us know what you think of them and what you’ve been using recently.  Contact us on Facebook or Twitter with your favourites, and visit App Share to see more of ours!

Classic FM (Free, Android and iOS

Perfect for: Ages 10+

What is it? The Classic FM app offers on the go live radio to some of the best classical music radio presenters.

Why do we love it? The app not only gives great access to the station, but recommends news and podcasts made for classical music.

BBC Music Magazine (Free, Android and iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 10+

What is it? The BBC music magazine is a long-running magazine dedicated to classical music.

Why do we love it? The app offers insight to upcoming performers and concerts, as well as reviews and discussion of everything classical music.

My First Classical Music App £3.99, Android and iOS

Perfect for: Ages 4+

What is it? My First Classical Music is an app that teaches young children basic trivia on various aspects of classical music.

Why do we love it? Not only does the app discuss instruments, composers and musical history, but it presents the information in a colourful entertaining way for young learners.


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