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February App Share

February is the shortest month, but there’s no shortage of apps to share with you this month!

Let us know the apps you’ve been using.  Contact us on Facebook or Twitter with your favourites, and visit App Share to see more of ours!

Pitch Perfect (Free, Android and IOS)

Perfect for: Ages 10+

What is it? Pitch perfect is another great ear training app that also helps students read notes and identify key signatures.

Why do we love it?

The app gives insight to fun an interesting things, such as the scientific Hz of each frequency and many other educational tools to assist learners.

BBC Sounds (Free, Android and IOS)

What is it? The BBC Sounds app allows listeners to explore radio, articles and podcasts of the best popular music available.

Why do we love it? It’s easy to use interface allows for a seamless listening experience.


Oxford Dictionary of Music (Free, Android and IOS)

What is it? The oxford dictionary of music offers a concise library of musical terms and definitions.

Why do we love it? The app holds thousands of definitions, as well as biographies of musicians and composers and brilliantly written historical summaries.

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