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App Share November

Put the heating on, cozy up for the evening and explore 3 more apps for creative inspiration this month!

Let us know what you think of them and what you’ve been using recently.  Contact us on Facebook or Twitter with your favourites, and visit App Share to see more of ours!

Complete ear trainer (Free, Android and iOS) (£3.49 for full edition)

Perfect for: Ages 10+Cover art

What is it? Complete ear trainer is an in depth ear training app that teaches students how to identify chords, intervals and modes.

Why do we love it? This app has a noticeably welcoming and straightforward user interface, whilst offering well written theory lessons and several aural tests that become increasingly challenging.


IMSLP (Free, Android and iOS) (In app purchases)

Perfect For: Ages 12+

What is it? IMSLP is the world’s leading free online library of sheet music.  With hundreds of thousands of scores and recordings, its app form is a great companion to any classical musician or enthusiast.

Why do we love it? IMSLP’s library houses easily accessible music from every period of musical history, including orchestral and solo parts for larger works and notes and recordings to aid the player. It’s built in score reader also allows for personal annotation.


In C (Free)

Perfect for: Ages 4+

What is it? In C is a visual endeavour into Terry Riley’s genius and most famous minimalist work. The piece (which the app is named after) focuses on short, musical phrases that intertwine into one rhythmic polyphony that gradually changes over the course of forty minutes. In this app, the user controls each pattern and the general movement of the piece.

Why do we love it? The website’s simple design shows how music can beautifully unfold in both audible and visual settings. It is also a great introduction to minimalist music and modern ensemble works.

To view more of our favourite apps and start app-lying yourself to music technology visit our App Share page.

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