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July App Share

Aid your learning with this month’s apps!

Yousician (Free iOS & Android) (Upgrade Premium £13.99 monthly)

Perfect for: Ages 7+

What is it? This app is designed to be a fun, fast and motivating way of learning to play the piano, guitar, bass or ukulele through practical and theoretical lessons even if you’ve never touched an instrument before.

Why do we love it? The user interface is clear and easy to navigate. The lessons are set out as levels for motivating players to practice and achieve scores to unlock the next and in the moment feedback on technique as the app listens to you play. With an extensive library of songs to choose from this is an app that has a lot to offer, even if you are not ready to upgrade.

Phonic Score (Free Android)

Perfect for: Ages 13+

What is it? This app is designed to assist you in playing music. The app stores your digital sheet music, monitors your pitch and tempo, assists learning and automatically turns the pages for you.

Why do we love it? We love the search and organise options for the sheet music, the ability to add scores to the digital library and the audible metronome for keeping time whilst practising pieces.

Drop Dots (Free iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 4+

What is it? Incorporating the physics of gravity, this app lets users create obstacles for the dots to bounce against causing different sounds and extensive musical possibilities.

Why do we love it? This is a fantastic app for teaching children about the effects of gravity and engaging children in creatively making music. We love the app for its ease of use and simple controls providing effective use by and for children.

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