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New Tango Orchestra in Lincolnshire Looking for Musicians

Caroline Pearsall has been working as a professional tango violinist for the past 15 years, touring all around the world with various tango groups and shows and currently runs the London Tango Orchestra. A couple of years ago she set up the successful London Tango Orquesta Esceula, a tango music training orchestra aimed at semi-pros and amateur musicians based in and around London.

She now wishes to run a similar project further north from this September onwards with one-weekend rehearsal a month of 4-5 hours, most likely to take place in Lincoln.

If you are interested in receiving more information about this exciting new project, please contact Sally Nunn at sallynunn600@gmail.com

You will need to be able to read music and preferably be of grade 3 standard or upwards and we’re looking for:

Violin, viola, cello
Double bass

For more information about the London Tango Orchestra and the existing training orchestra please see their website at www.thelondontangoorchestra.com

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