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June App Share

Enjoy the summer with these brilliant new apps!

Rhythm Training (Sight Reading) (Free iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 7+

What is it? Rhythm Training helps those who are struggling with their sight reading of rhythm. There are lots of lesson built into the app and a metronome to clearly understand tempo.

Why do we love it? This is a great app for any level of musician. It is quick and easy to use and can help the most experienced player understand a tricky section of music. It also provides the beginner with an understanding of simple rhythm to help improve playing.

Groovepad- Music & Beat Maker (Free iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 10+

What is it? Groovepad is an app that is guaranteed to bring out one’s inner artist. The app allows users to create beats with added effects that can be shared with your family and friends.

Why do we love it? This is the must have app! There are many popular genres to pick from including House and Dubstep. The app is also easy to use allowing loops to be put together quickly. Overall, this is a great entrance for the budding DJ.

Piano- Play Unlimited Songs (Free iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 5+

What is it? This app helps introduce new players to the piano. The user hits the notes as they come down the chart to experience a simulated version of piano.

Why do we love it? This is a great app that allows the player to become familiar with the necessary hand movements required to play piano. It can be played with any ability and features popular songs which increase in difficulty.

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