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April App Share

Happy App-ril, Here’s the latest App Share!

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Musical Me!
(Free 30-day trial iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 4+

What is it? Musical Me! takes children on a magical, musical journey. Elements of music are explored with funny and quirky characters, as the app teaches children about rhythm, instruments, pitch, and musical notes.

Why do we love it? The app is a great way to encourage music making and enhance enjoyment as children explore elements of music in a fun and inclusive way. It is also a great way for the family to come together to dance, laugh, and create music.

Voice Training- Learn to Sing (Free iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 4+

What is it? Voice Training- Learn to Sing is an app which allows your voice and pitch to be analysed. You simply sing into the device’s microphone and a chart displays which note you should be hitting. It also features exercises to improve your voice.

Why do we love it? This is a must-have app for singers! The pitch reader is vital in allowing you to hear how far out your singing note is. The exercises also help you to expand your vocal range and understand how your voice works with music harmony.

Music Theory Helper (Free PlayStore)

Perfect for: Ages 6+

What is it? The Music Theory Helper is just that! There is information on Chords, Circle of Fifths, Note Values, Intervals, and more. There are also four different exercises to help improve your reading and listening.

Why do we love it? This is a handy app for any beginners wishing to quickly understand basic music theory. Simultaneously, it also lends itself to seasoned pros who may have forgotten why they are using certain chords in certain situations. Overall, it is quick, free, and easy to use and will develop essential theoretical skills.

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