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March App Share

Another winter ends as we Spring Forwards to March!

Please share your favourite apps with us on our Facebook or Twitter and visit App Share to see more of ours!

MuseScore (Free 30-day trial iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 10+

What is it? Musescore is a great app that allows classical players to quickly download and read sheet music. The app asks you what instrument you’d like to read for and what genres and styles are best suited to you.

Why do we love it? The app is simple to use and asks you to select your reading level. After time it will naturally give you more challenging pieces as your skill level increases. The free 30-day trial period gives you plenty of time to decide whether this way of reading suits you. Overall, the app is simple and effective for classically inclined musicians.

Baby Chords- ABC Music Learning (Free iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 3+

What is it? Baby Chords is an app which allows you to experiment with different notes and chords. The user has to press down notes which are set up in 1-3-5 chord format.

Why do we love it? Baby Chords is great for youngsters who are first experiencing music. They can experiment with different notes and quickly understand which notes sound better placed together. Small balloons pop up with the chord name and are ‘pop’-able, keeping very young children highly entertained and amused. Overall, the app is a great introduction to chord shapes and sounds.

Tap Tap Beats (Free iOS and PlayStore)

Perfect for: Ages 6+

What is it? Tap Tap Beats is a fun rhythm game where you control a unicorn by tapping the screen at the correct moment- failing to do so results in the unicorn falling off a narrow pathway.

Why do we love it? We love anything ‘Tap Tap’ related. These games are great for people who want to get to grips with rhythm and how it is broken up into beats. The music varies throughout and starts with the iconic ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ to introduce players in a fun and vibrant way.

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