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January App Share

Happy New Year, welcome to our January App Share!

Please share your favourite apps with us on our Facebook or Twitter and visit App Share to see more of ours!

Mussila Music School (Free iOS & Android

Perfect for: Ages 5+

What is it? Mussila Music School is an app developed for children and teachers to teach about music creation. It is available for free and all the features are included however, in-app purchases enable further development through the app, but this is left to the user’s discretion.

Why do we love it? Mussila is a fun, engaging and educational app that caters for children aged 5+ that teaches fundamental music skills with rhythm, notes and a variety of instruments. We love it as an educational tool and how simple it is for anyone to use.

Poweramp (Includes Free Trial)
(£3.39 Full Unlock- Android Only) – Link to store

Perfect for: Ages 12+

What is it? Poweramp is a powerful music player and editing software for Android which supports:



  • The playing of mp3, mp4, ogg, and more file types
  • Play feature, for songs from folders and from your own library
  • Music Editing Tools
  • Free Trial for new Users

Poweramp overall is a fantastic app whether you just want to casually listen and stream music or whether you want to edit music and different file types.

Why do we love it? Poweramp is one of the best apps in the marketplace that allows for casual streaming and listening to your favourite artists, whilst also offering music production software for remixing and editing songs. The app has a comprehensive library of tools built into it. We love it for its multi-purpose nature for the casual user and how it can benefit users wishing to do more with the software.

Tap Tap Reborn 2 (Free iOS & Android)

Perfect for: Ages 8+

What is it? Tap Tap Reborn 2 is a rhythm game that has an extensive library of songs to play along to. Similar to games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, Tap Tap Reborn 2 requires you to play along to set beats that scroll across the screen. Hitting the notes on time increases your score and when a song is completed you get gems to unlock more songs.

Why do we love it? Tap Tap Reborn 2 whilst challenging can also be a fun and rewarding game. The ability to unlock more songs and progress through levels makes it a fun experience for most ages. The multiplayer mode also gives the game a fresh lease of life by allowing users to play against each other to their favourite songs. We love the fun and casual aspects of playing the game, with the added bonus of multiplayer functionality.



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