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Tbilisi, Georgia: The Community Music Conference Continues

As the CMA conference continues, Nicola Stanton (soundLINCS Programme Officer) continues to share her experiences of taking part in this opportunity in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The CMA conference hit full speed today with 18 back to back presentations, singing activities and networking opportunities. Discussing projects, strategies, passions and ideas starts at breakfast over strong coffee and doesn’t stop until late into the night, 1am to be precise… not even the semi-finals of the world cup can fully halt the exchange!

Bringing together such a diverse group of people from across the globe is no small feat, and everyone has their own unique perspective, experience and expertise. There is a fantastic atmosphere of excitement and camaraderie as differences and shared values are contemplated. Many of the difficulties highlighted centre around measuring the impact of our sector, funding opportunities and ensuring the needs of the communities we work in are at the heart of what we do.

The range and scale of the work represented here cannot be underestimated. For example, Estonian national choirs using song as a form of peaceful protest and well-being as an overarching and deliberate orientation for successful community music activity. Others represent the importance of visibility for homeless choir participants, community music as a path to healing for women’s groups and the importance of embracing children’s games as a route to continuing Georgian musicality.

There is certainly a lot of food for thought which no doubt will be added to after our trip to the State Museum tonight.

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