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soundLINCS Goes International

Lincolnshire based Community Music charity, soundLINCS, goes International!  It has been selected to make presentations at ISME 33rd World Conference in Tbilisi, Georgia and Baku, Azerbaijan.

soundLINCS’ CEO, Nikki-Kate Heyes MBE, and Programme Development Officer, Nicola Stanton, are in Tbilisi for the Community Music Activity Pre-Conference Seminar that runs from July 10 – 14 2018. The Seminar, Inspiring Curiosity: Celebrating Diverse Voices of Community Music, invites contributions on every form of music-making from across the globe for four days of practice and dialogue. soundLINCS presentation on Thursday 12 July addresses the Seminar theme of Partnership and Social Change.

The Seminar, attended by organisations, practitioners and academics will share their knowledge, experience and views on the diversity of Community Music. They will also be responding to the local context in the Republic of Georgia, a region with a rich vocal culture, deeply rooted in folkloric traditions and the academic and professional musical world.

After Tbilisi, the soundLINCS team will travel to Baku for the International Society for Music Education (ISME) Conference running from July 15 – 20 2018. Their Spoken Presentations on July 17 and 20 are in relation to ISME Special Interest Group: Practice and Research in Integrated Music Education.

soundLINCS is an established not-for-profit Community Music charity operating across the East Midlands. The Charity provides a quality service for music which enhances, enables and encourages the development of music in an enjoyable way. Its vision that everyone has an opportunity to be empowered through music resonates closely with ISME who state We believe that everyone has the right and ability to make, create and enjoy their own music.

The opportunity for soundLINCS to present at the International Music Conference has been made possible by the support of the European Regional Development Fund, Business Lincolnshire, and the Business Inspiration Programme delivered by Bishop Grosseteste University. The grant awarded to soundLINCS has enabled the Charity to explore new possibilities in its branding as well as undertaking international opportunities.

Whilst part of the soundLINCS team are working at the ISME 33rd World Conference, the rest of the team are busy in Lincolnshire and the East Midlands providing music workshops, training, toolkits and information

For further information about soundLINCS and to follow the adventures in Tbilisi and Baku visit www.soundlincs.org, or, visit the soundLINCS Facebook page: www.facebook.com/soundLINCS or Twitter: www.twitter.com/soundLINCS, email info@soundlincs.org or call 01522 510073.

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