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ISME 2018 – Life’s Journey Through Music

ISME 2018 – 33rd World Conference of International Society for Music Education, Baku – Life’s Journey Through Music.

Baku is a sprawling metropolis with innovative architecture designed to impress and enthral. There are wide open park spaces, fountains delightfully placed between grand buildings and gardens looking out across the Caspian sea. The flame towers with their nightly light show can be seen from across the city, making Baku a truly unique setting for the ISME 2018 conference.

Music Educators from across the globe have gathered here after their pre-conference commissions. There are so many sub-sectors represented here, that deciding which of the sessions, presentations and workshops to see is quite a task.

There is a vast range of categories to choose from including: special interest groups; Education of the Professional Musician, Early Childhood Music Education, Jazz,  Practice and Research, Popular Music, Music Technology, Spirituality, Community Music, and Policy.

Azerbaijan has welcomed ISME with open arms. The official opening ceremony at Haydar Aliyev Palace incorporated beautiful performances from the states most revered performers. All acts were simply phenomenal. The highlights for me were the outstanding Azerbaijan State Dance Ensemble; A powerful operatic piece from Taleh Yahyaev; a wonderful performance from violinist Jeyla Seyidova, and of course the Azerbaijan State Symphony Orchestra.

As the conference continues today I am looking forward to the keynote speech from Kathryn Dean, enigmatically titled ‘On Building a Potting Shed.’

Nicola Stanton, soundLINCS Programme Development Officer

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