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ISME 2018 Highlights – Music, Passion and Amazing People

There have been so many highlights at the ISME conference here in Baku. To name a few we have explored;

  • Music and social intervention;
  • Sex, sexuality, gender and music education;
  • Working better together – social Justice, wellbeing and identity;
  • Making Music throughout Adulthood;
  • Using Music to teach ecology and conservation;
  • Applied Pedagogical Approaches to Vocal Music and many many more!

We too presented our own investigations as a not for profit charity. In one presentation we shared our work with Higher Education institutes through research. We also presented our Inquiring Minds Process (IMP) which enables us to drill down to discover the needs we can address through our music practice.

We have chaired sessions, attended the regional ISME forum for the UK and shared future planning ideas and applications with ISME members. We also made some amazing national and international connections that will inform our future work.

One highlight in particular was the wonderful Kathryn Dean’s keynote talk on Wednesday. It was a truly inspirational insight into the life of one of community music’s most dedicated champions. In confessing for many years that she doesn’t consider herself a musician or a music educator, she has enabled many people to re-evaluate their position within the music sector. With her passionate belief in the power of music, she has taken up space in the most glorious manner dedicating her life to the music sector in numerous ways.

Through her life’s work we can understand that there are so many ways that each of us can be involved, facilitate, administrate, engage and participate in making real change without the need to be a practising musician. Her mind is as sharp as ever and with her quick wit she had us all laughing and contemplating just how far community music has come. indeed it seems that community music is no longer on the fringes but an integral part of the mainstream music sector.

soundLINCS are immensely proud to have taken part in the 33rd ISME world conference We are delighted to have met so many passionate and engaging music educators and most excited about how we can all continue to work together in the coming years.

by Nicola Stanton, Programme Development Officer

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