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A Global Community Music Vision; Celebrating Culture and Diversity

The Community Music Activity Pre-Conference Seminar comes to a close, we share our experiences and thoughts as we look to develop our community music practices. 

There is rarely an occasion such as this, where so many like minded people are together to fully embrace the richness that community music brings to life.

There have been so many wonderful opportunities to experience Georgian culture – including performances at the national Georgian Art Gene Festival; a private performance of the Tbilisi State University Choir; an opera performed by the most amazing puppet masters at the Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film university; and a spine tingling performance from the world famous Rustavi Vocal group.

These performances, when joined with the opportunities to share international perspectives in community music, and discuss how we can enable each other in our global community music vision, has without a doubt made the CMA 2018 Pre-Conference Seminar a fully immersive experience.

There have been a great mixture of spoken presentations, petcha kutchas, research papers, performances and workshops all centred around the conference themes of;
•Tradition, locality and cultural identity,
•Partnerships and Social cohesion,
•Well-being, health and human rights.
All under the broad heading of ‘Celebrating Diverse Voices of Community Music’

With so many great minds feeding back, it was inevitable that aspects for further consideration would be identified during the plenary.  Continuing the process of progress in our sector is key to ensuring that all communities are represented and celebrated. It is vital that we continue to learn from other cultures and that we ask the right questions and do not assume that ‘we’ as sector leads,  always know what is needed from our partnerships in the global context.  Community music has to start from the ground, from the heart of the community where it’s real power lies.

This year saw many first time delegates attend and as one of them I can say that this has been an illuminating and invigorating experience, a feeling which I am sure will continue as we start the International Society for Music Educators conference in Baku, Azerbaijan.

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