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June App Share

It’s that time again, which means only one thing, it’s the June App Share. Summer is neither here nor there, so we bring you 3 more apps selected for your smartphone or tablet that you can join no matter what the weather.

Let us know if you’ve used any of these apps and what you thought of them, plus what you’ve been using recently. Contact us on Facebook or Twitter with your favourites, and visit App Share to see more of ours!

Keezy Classic (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 5+

What is it? Keezy is a musical instrument for toddlers, professional musicians, and everyone in between! You get 8 coloured tiles for each sound board and you can create many unique boards. Each coloured tile can record and store a sound. Sounds are recorded through the device microphone. After recording, tap the tile to play it back, or press & hold to loop. Tap several tiles in sequence (or at the same time) to make a composition. Once you’ve practiced your composition , record a jam to share!

Why do we love it? Keezy Classic is a brilliant ‘no fuss’ sampler!  A unique sound board of 8 samples can be quickly created and easily used to develop and perform original compositions for family and friends. It’s fun!

Playground – Organic Remix (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 10+

What is it? Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Playground allows you to create addictive music beats within seconds. Simply swipe & tap your finger(s) on musical shapes & our smart algorithm will do the rest. Play, remix, share and be proud of your groovy beats. Rhythm & tone are guaranteed!

Why do we love it? Playground is both intriguing and engaging.  Sounds and rhythms are created through gestures across the surface of your device. The App allows the curious explorer to tweak the song components (drum patterns, bass and melody) to customise the sound qualities and mix levels.  A small number of Songs are available for free with many more available to purchase and download. Get those fingers dancing!

BANDIMAL (£3.99 on iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 5+

What is it? BANDIMAL is a fun and intuitive music composer that lets kids discover the creative world of making music. Set up a drum loop, swipe through animals to change instruments, compose melodies, change loop speeds and add a quirky effect on top. Amusing animals animate in hilarious ways as you perfect your song.

Why do we love it? The hilarious animals vocalise, jump, hop, twist and turn to embody the sounds they represent. BANDIMAL is full of fun and beautifully crafted animations and sounds. The sounds are designed such that everyone works with every other one so children can jump right into the great world of composing music.

To view more of our favourite apps and start app-lying yourself to music technology visit our App Share page.

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