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A Sound Review for 2016-17

page1onlineThe reach of soundLINCS’ work is stretching further than ever before, as their latest Annual Review reveals they have reached almost 320,000 people in the last year, with 125 different countries visiting www.soundlincs.org over the 12 months.

The review gives a chance to reflect on the projects, partnerships, activity and achievements of the Company’s 18th year, giving an overview of the sheer breadth and depth of the work done. In that time soundLINCS have worked with almost 4,000 participants in settings from youth justice centres to paediatric wards and heritage sites and presented at over 40 conferences spanning the length of the country.

Glenn Tinsley, Chair of the soundLINCS Board said: “This was a great year for the Company as we continued our important work with children and young people, many in challenging circumstances, and expanded our reach to the older adult population through the New Tricks initiative. Here at soundLINCS we are immensely proud of the service that we provide to the community using music as a powerful tool to inspire, stimulate, educate and encourage participation. The Review offers a brilliant brief tour of our work.”

You can read the Annual Review below or at www.soundlincs.org/annual-review-16-17 or email info@soundlincs.org to request a paper copy.

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