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April App Share

Don’t be an April Fool when it comes to getting the most out of your iPad this month! Dive into the latest App Share to find the latest 3 recommendations from soundLINCS HQ.

Let us know if you’ve used any of these apps and what you thought of them, plus what you’ve been using recently. Contact us on Facebook or Twitter with your favourites, and visit App Share to see more of ours!

a1Magic Piano (Free for iOS and Android)

Perfect For: Ages 5+

What is it? One of the most popular Apps out there, Magic Piano is a pianist’s answer to Guitar Hero, tapping along with balls of light to recreate melodies and chords from popular songs. Freestyle mode also gives the opportunity to explore the 3 different pianos available within the app and hone your skills and create new sounds.

Why do we love it? The ‘game’ style format of Magic Piano is great for meaning there is always a fresh challenge and reason to revisit. Numerous challenges are available which can unlock new levels, achievements, and badges, so it always feels like there’s something new to do.

a2Cleartune (£3.99 on iOS and £2.39 on Android)

Perfect For: Anyone looking to tune!

What is it? Cleartune is a chromatic instrument tuner and pitch pipe that allows you to quickly and accurately tune your instrument. Using the built in microphone on most devices it can quickly and accurately find your pitch across a multitude of instruments and get fine tuned.

Why do we love it? Cleartune’s unique “note wheel” interface makes it a much quicker process than most competing tuning apps. With support for custom temperaments, transposition and notations and adjustable calibration and more, Cleartune offers a deep range of settings to mean you end up tuned to perfection!

a3Tempo (£2.99 on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 10+

What is it? Tempo promises to be the most accurate metronome app available and as far as we can see seems to deliver upon it! With a simple interface and the option to select settings manually or have them automatically detected, it is a great tool for musicians of all abilities.

Why do we love it? Tempo has a fantastic range of options to help it suit your needs as closely as possible. With 35 different time signatures, as well as 6 rhythm patterns for simple meters and 3 for compound meters, it will always manage to keep you on track!

To view more of our favourite apps and start app-lying yourself to music technology visit our App Share page.

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