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Sounds of Intent in the Early Years: East Midlands Regional Launch

On Thursday March 17th join us, Soundabout and Nottinghamshire Music Hub at Mansfield Central Library for the East Midlands launch of ‘Sounds of Intent in the Early Years’.sounds of intent

‘Sounds of Intent in the Early Years’ (SoI-­‐EY) is an innovative resource based on pioneering research led by Professor Adam Ockelford, Director of the Applied Music Research Centre at the University of Roehampton, in London. SoI–EY sets out just how children’s minds develop musically, from three months before birth, so that by the time they enter full time education, they are already fledgling young musicians. This new findings mean that, for the first time, it is possible to target activities aimed specifically at individual children’s levels of musical development, maximising their progress.

To attend the event please logon to: www.soieyem.eventbrite.co.uk

11.00am: Welcome and introduction by soundLINCS and Nottinghamshire Music Hub
11.10am: Introduction to SoI-­‐EY by Prof Adam Ockelford
12.10pm: Questions and Answers
12.30pm: Break
1.00pm: Using the SoI-­‐EY framework
1.30pm: SoI-­‐EY film by the Young Champions
1.50pm: Final thoughts – what next?
2.00pm: Close

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