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Making Music with Stroke Survivors

Stroke survivors and their carers will have a fantastic opportunity to make some noise whilst aiding their rehabilitation next week with the launch of a new music project in Navenb10y by the Stroke Association and soundLINCS.

The free to attend project, beginning on July 8th, will consist of 12 fortnightly workshops exploring a variety of singing and songwriting activities and the chance to use an array of unusual musical instruments.

It has long been known and is now recognised through numerous studies that music can have a revolutionary effect on people, and this is especially true for stroke survivors. Engagement in musical activity has been shown to greatly aid rehabilitation in areas such as spatial awareness, movement and muscle control, speech, communication and cognition.

As well as these physical benefits music also has a fantastic mental influence, positively enhancing both mood and motivation in many stroke patients. Recent findings suggest a notable decrease in depression, reduction of anxiety and all round improved demeanour when taking part in regular musical activity.Thermain

soundLINCS’ Music Facilitators are keen to create music with participants of whatever ability through the range of genres on offer within the workshops.

The unusual instruments will allow access to sound and music in a variety of ways: whether that be through detecting your body movements and velocity with instruments such as Theremins and Soundbeams; or pressing a soft cube, called a Skoog, which creates correlations between the expressive gestures made upon it and the sounds the computer software creates.

Vocal workshops will include activities such as traditional choral singing, composition, songwriting and folk music whilst iPad based technology sessions will allow the use of sampling software and experimentation with original compositions and creations.

The workshops will take place on alternate Wednesdays at The Venue in Navenby from 10am until 12noon. It is free to attend and for more information contact Caren on 01522 790059 or email caren.borchardt@stroke.org.uk.

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