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Get the Jailhouse Rocking with soundLINCS and The Landmark Trust

house of correctionOn Saturday 16th May you can sing, play or just explore as the historic House of Correction in Folkingham opens its doors to the public and will take part in a spectacular nationwide musical performance to celebrate the ‘Golden Weekend’; marking the 50th Anniversary of the Landmark Trust.

The former 19th-century gatehouse will be open from 10am until 4pm as part of the weekend, alongside 24 other Landmarks across the country which the historic building charity has helped rescue and restore since 1965. The House of Correction used to be a prison for minor offenders serving the whole of Kesteven, whilst today only the grand entrance survives.

As part of the celebration and the BBC Get Creative campaign, community music organisation soundLINCS will be running a workshop throughout the day, starting at 10am, to help you hone your musical skills, with a series of singing and instrumental sessions focused around the Landmark Trust’s specially-commissioned piece ‘Lines, Loops, Bones and Stones: An Anthem For Landmark’.

Kerry Andrew, creator of the piece and winner of two 2014 British Composer Awards said: “I am really excited to be creating a piece jointly with twenty-five community music ensembles around the country. I see the piece very much as a collaboration between me and the musicians and their buildings, being made up of lots of small fragments that can be ‘built’ into a piece to suit them. I can’t wait to hear the eventual pieces, which will undoubtedly be as different and beautiful as the buildings themselves are.”

At 3pm there will be a fantastic shared moment across the country as the 25 Landmarks join together for a performance of Anthem for Landmark. The piece will be performed simultaneously across the country and recordings will be available on the Landmark Trust website soon after the event.


So if you are part of a choir, orchestra, band, school or just want to come along and sing then you can join in with the music-making! You can bring instruments along for rehearsals, starting at 10am, and soundLINCS have copies of the music that they can email or post to anyone interested in taking part. Please bear in mind the performance is likely to be outside, so acoustic instruments are preferable!

soundLINCS’ CEO Nikki-Kate Heyes MBE, said: “We’re delighted to be working with the Landmark Trust as part of the Golden Weekend, it’s wonderful to get the opportunity to create music in such a unique venue. The House of Correction is a fantastic setting for what will be a brilliant day of celebration and music-making.”

As well as the music there will be refreshments available in the Village Hall on the afternoon and The South Lafford Art Group will display some of their paintings in the Village Hall. The local History Group will put photographs in the Church connected with the House of Correction.

For more information about The House of Correction please visit www.landmarktrust.org.uk. If you would like to take part in the day or be sent copies of the music then please get in touch with soundLINCS at info@soundlincs.org or call 01522 510073.

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