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Alanah, our Work Experience student, shares her time at soundLINCS

I’m a Drama and Music student in my 2nd year of study at Bishop Grosseteste University and have been on a 7 week placement with soundLINCS. I’ve worked with the company once a week which has given me a much clearer understanding of how soundLINCS is run and how the work they do impacts the different groups they work with.

During my time with soundLINCS, I’ve split my time between working in the office; learning about the organisation and the different roles and responsibilities of every member of the core staff; and going out to observe a range of different workshops and projects. My main aim for securing a placement with soundLINCS was to observe as many sessions being run as possible and to achieve an understanding of the different groups that the organisation work with and how they run and are funded.

In my first week of working with soundLINCS the annual FAB! Event for Looked After Children took place at Lincolnshire Showground. I had the opportunity to help with numerous areas such as the reception desk and the unplugged performance stage, and also got a chance to see the range of different activities and companies taking part in the day.


In the afternoon the awards ceremony for Looked After Children and Fosterers took place, where I helped out with the rest of the team as a runner, ensuring that the ceremony ran to plan from beginning to end. This was a great experience as it was fantastic to hear about the achievements of the young people and useful to witness everything that goes into making such an event run smoothly.

The following week I had the opportunity to observe the final session of the Experienced Group in music technology project EMPower. I got to listen to the great tracks created by the participants and to see their skill-share, where the participants explained a specific technique or aspect of music technology to a group of beginners. I found this session very interesting as music technology is an area that I previously did not have much experience in, and it helped me understand in more detail the processes of electronic music production. I found it very rewarding to listen to the tracks that the participants had created and to hear about the techniques they had learnt throughout the project.

I also attended the MOD Music of Diversity project at Cottesmore Primary School on the Kendrew Barracks RAF Base. The first session of the day involved a music technology workshop with pupils working with iPads to create their own sounds and tracks through a range of instrumental apps. The next session I observed involved the Year 5 and 6 classes using song-writing exercises to create lyrics for a group song which was then performed to music with the help of the Music Facilitator.


The last session I attended was the TryARTS programme in Sutterton working with children under the age of 5. TryARTS is a programme that helps to introduce families to the arts through activities that they would not normally take part in. This session was interesting for me as it allowed me to see work with a client group that I have never worked with before. It taught me about the obstacles of doing craft and arts activities with early year’s children because you have to develop the activity so that it caters for all ages, requiring a longer, detailed planning process.

Throughout my time at soundLINCS I feel like I have expanded my knowledge of the organisation and how different factors influence music delivery. I’ve been impressed by the many varieties of groups that the organisation work with and how they have built themselves up over 17 years to be as far-reaching and popular as they are today.

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