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‘I Could Do That’ – Create Sound Stories

The 3rd of our 4 videos illustrating the active learning provided at our62 (Copy) Early Years Arts in the Park – ‘I Could Do That’ day last year is out now.  This video offers an overview of the workshop ‘Create Sound Stories’ with soundLINCS’ Music Facilitator Cathy Royal.

Cathy is a soundLINCS Music Facilitator with over seven years of experience in music making activities with Early Years children and has worked in a range of settings from nursery schools to hospitals; where she has used music as a tool to help develop communication skills, self-confidence and other skills that can be used throughout later life.

In this workshop Cathy explored traditional tales and familiar stories as well as songs and rhymes that tell a story. The children were encouraged to join in with hands, voices, home-made and conventional instruments to bring stories to life. They also tried to put together some of their own stories and use the sound effects to enhance their ideas.

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To see the previous videos in the series, ‘Know About and Use Early Years Apps‘ and ‘Play Music When I Don’t Have any Instruments‘, check out our Active Learning page here. We’ll also be uploading the remaining video in the series showing another of the great music workshops from “Early Years Arts in the Park – I Could Do That!”, ‘Create Musical Games’ ; which will be uploaded in a fortnight.

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