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‘I Could Do That’ – Create Musical Games

The last of our active learning videos from Early Years Arts in the Park – ‘I Could Do That’ last summer is out now.  The video offers an overview of the workshop ‘Create Musical Games’ with soundLINCS’ Music Facilitator Helen Knight.

Helen has been a Music Facilitator and Workshop Leader for soundLINCS since January 2003. She’s hugely experienced in Early Years work and has run many soundLINCS Early Years sessions and enriched the lives of hundreds of local children, parents and carers by incorporating music, dance and music games into their everyday activities.

musical gamesmusical games


In this workshop Helen explored how to build a wealth of musical activities which can be drawn on easily and which ease the planning of music sessions, giving more time to spend making music with your children.

To see the previous videos in the series, ‘Know About and Use Early Years Apps‘, ‘Create Sound Stories‘ and ‘Play Music When I Don ‘t Have any Instruments‘, check out our Active Learning page here.

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