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How Can You Improve Your Workshop Techniques?

As a freelance Music Practitioner have you ever felt isolated in your work and thought it would be great to have the chance to talk to like-minded, experienced, contemporaries about your workshop techniques and working practice; or to get a personalised outside perspective on what you do and how you do it, to discuss on a 1-2-1 basis, how you may develop or enhance your musical offer?

This is quite a strange opportunity soundLINCS are piloting.  It is built on the observation and feedback that over many years of creating and developing Music Facilitators, these practitioners have found the element of having their workshops observed and receiving feedback from an objective viewpoint particularly helpful and empowering, providing advice, constructive feedback and useful tips and pointers.

soundLINCS is offering up to 10 Music Practitioners the chance for a peer to attend their workshop.  This  unique learning and development opportunity is designed to  help inspire, energise and develop your delivery by way of an accessible approach to observational practice.

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There is no charge for these observations.  The opportunities are absolutely FREE and offered as part of our Youth Music Musical Inclusion programme – soundINCLUSION, which aims to ensure that there are a wealth of opportunities for children and young people in challenging circumstances to access high-quality music making for their progression.

So why ask soundLINCS to do this?

  • soundLINCS has over the last 16 years, developed a workforce of Music Facilitators who are all accomplished performers and workshop leaders in a range of genres and styles with experience in a diverse variety of settings delivering whole group work within Community Music – from hospitals and young offender institutions to community spaces and SEND and Alternative Curriculum settings!
  • soundLINCS has a specialism in working with children in challenging circumstances, providing Workforce Development opportunities and events to Music Practitioners across the country.
  • We have an empathy and a strong understanding through soundLINCS’ range of work and although we don’t have all the answers, we certainly have a wealth of experience and we want to share that.


We hope this will be seen as a fantastic opportunity to get a new perspective on your workshops and to top up your skills with the help of our leading practitioners.

Telephone us on 01522 510073 or email info@soundlincs.org to let us know what your needs are and how we can help and support you on a confidential 1-2-1 basis!  Get in touch for more information and book an appointment for an informal observation and reflection on your session and working practices.



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