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‘I Could Do That’ – Play Music When I Don’t Have Any Instruments

This is the second of our 4 videos illustrating the active learning provided at our Early Years Arts in the Park – ‘I Could Do That’ day last year.  This video offers an overview of the workshop ‘Play Music When I Don’t Have Any Instruments’ with soundLINCS’ Music Facilitator Heather Benson.

Heather has been working with soundLINCS and creating music with Early Years groups for the past 5 years. She has run workshops in children’s centres, schools, nurseries, village halls, community centres and various outdoor events. Heather has also been involved in soundLINCS’ Root Notes programme providing advice to Early Years settings on how music can become an integral part of their day.

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In the workshop Heather explored sounds and textures in the environment and how music can be created using the objects around us, whether it be the scrunch of gravel, the tapping of trees or scraping a fence, there are sounds everywhere for us to explore.

To see the previous video in the series, ‘Know About and Use Early Years Apps‘, check our previous blog post here. We’ll also be uploading the remaining videos in the series showing more of the great music workshops from “Early Years Arts in the Park – I Could Do That!” Keep an eye out for ‘Create Musical Games’ and ‘Create Sound Stories’; which will be uploaded fortnightly over the coming weeks.

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