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soundLINCS to pitch for £5000 creative grant

soundLINCS will be pitching for a £5000 grant on offer to boost creative businesses.15418226582_e8d1ecf1eb_o

Broadway in Nottingham’s Know How project has seen sixteen arts, culture and heritage organisations working with digital and new technology to create a concept that will enhance their products, services or experiences for audiences or users.

Of the original sixteen organisations, six have been selected for the Know How BUILD, to work over three days to build and then pitch their concepts to a panel of industry experts. The organisations will be given advice and guidance by the panel to apply for one of two £5000 grants to help them launch their idea and the grants will be awarded to the two most captivating proposals.

Tasha King, project manager of Know How, says, “We are extremely excited to see the prototypes that our six organisations are set to create and to hear each of them pitch their projects on Saturday. This exciting BUILD stage will also enable Broadway to unveil its new modern workspace, which will help Near Now projects, like Know How, to continue growing.

“We have employed eight designers and developers to work with the organisations throughout the BUILD, helping them at this critical stage to bring their ideas and aims to life. This is a fantastic opportunity for all six organisations to not only enhance their work through technology, but also to have additional support and potential funding to help them to do so.”

The final six organisations are One Thoresby Street, Dance4, soundLINCS, Red Earth Theatre, QUAD, and Foundation for Community Dance.

soundLINCS are developing a digital product for early years children, their carers and music teachers, to engage in fun musical activities using what they have to hand.

On Thursday 20th November, Steve Benford, director of the Horizon Digital Economy Research Centre at the University of Nottingham, will kick start the BUILD event with a keynote.

Applications for Know How 2015, which will run from January to May 2015, open at the end of November 2014.

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