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Ukulele Group Strike Chord with Audiences

Grantham U3A Ukulele Group are proving that you’re never too old to learn a new skill. Aided by soundLINCS, the passionate and enthusiastic group are all set for internet stardom after their performances were uploaded online.

Videos of the group on YouTube playing two hits from their repertoire; Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley and Delilah by Tom Jones, have both received over a hundred views in just a week and have had great feedback from online audiences. The group has also begun to take part in concerts and events, playing a diverse range of settings including care homes, fundraisers and even weddings!

Jonny Gillard, soundLINCS’ music facilitator who leads the group, said: “It’s a fantastic project to be a part of and the progress and increased confidence of the group has been brilliant. Their enthusiasm to learn and play is infectious with nobody ever missing a session!”

Members of the group also gave their thoughts on why the group had been so successful, saying that: “We get the opportunity to play the music that we’re passionate about and are taught in an engaging way that helps us to develop our skills quickly. We all have great fun in the group and love being able to show our family and friends the videos of us performing.”

With a quickly expanding repertoire and more people discovering their performances, the sky’s the limit for the group, with Jonny explaining that: “Going forwards we’d love to get even more videos online for people to enjoy and to get involved in more concerts and events so as many people as possible can experience the brilliant work the members are doing.”

There is a wealth of research showing that as we grow older, active music-making can enhance social cohesion, increase personal development and help contribute to all-round wellbeing.  Grantham U3A Ukulele group are a great example of this and if you’re interested in setting up a similar project, please contact soundLINCS on 01522 510073 or email info@soundlincs.org.


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