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Apps Glorious Apps!


The world of music apps is huge and knowing where to start or where to find new apps to try can sometimes be a little tricky. We’re a bit app mad here at soundLINCS so we wanted to share some of what we’ve learned with you to help with your music making, your teaching or just give you some new games to play on the bus! In these blog posts, we’re going to be bringing you a selection of our favourite music based apps that we think your life might be missing. Please feel free to share any of your favourite apps with us and together we can make the most of our iPads.


screen480x480 (1)Singing Fingers (free on iOS, unofficial versions are also available for android)

Perfect for: Early Years and SEN

What is it? Singing fingers will record your sounds as you draw.

Why do we love it? We love using this visually pleasing app in our Early Years and SEN workshops to explore making sounds, cause and effect, pitch and mixing artforms.




Toca Band (£1.99 on iOS)

Perfect for: they reccommend 2+

What is it: A colourful app full of musical characters to create your own band.

Why do we love it? It gives an idea of how different instruments work together to layer and build a piece of music, the characters bring a nice visual element to the sounds that is fun for all ages.


screen480x480Soundrop (free on iOS but the £1.99 upgraded version includes additional features)

Perfect for: all ages!

What is it?
Draw simple lines for the dropping sounds to bounce off to create rhythms.

Why do we love it?
We use this game-style app in many of our Early Years workshops for exploring and teaching different sounds, tones and rhythms.



screen568x568Garage Band (free on iOS)

Perfect for: all ages!

What is it? Similar to the famous apple mac software, the app version of garage band allows you to experiment with different instruments, and use samples, loops and your own recorded sounds to create original pieces of music.

Why do we love it?
It’s an essential part of our app toolkit and the variety of instruments and functions keeps us busy for hours!


20110704-tenorionTNR-i (costs £13.99 for iOS, unofficial versions for android are also available)

Perfect for: all ages!

What is it?
Based on the Tenori-on, this app allows you to create 16 beat loops on a light up grid.

Why do we love it?
The Tenori-on has been used by professional musicians including Little Boots and can be used in conjunction with other instruments to create unique electronic music tracks. With younger players, you can use Tenor-ion to help teach pitch, layering, sequencing and rhythm.



D-jay (costs £13.99 for iOS)

Perfect for: all ages, but we tend to use this more with around age 8 and older.

What is it? This app gives a ‘dj’ experience with the music on your device.

Why do we love it? It allows you to experiment opportunities for creativity and music making with existing tracks, as well as raising awareness of components such as tempo and rhythm in the music as you try to sync songs and create new combinations.






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