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EMPowering Young Music Producers

soundLINCS are searching for young music producers to take part in a free learning and development project called EMPower. The young musicians will be given the opportunity to work alongside each other and with professional producers, to develop new skills and advance their techniques.

During the sessions they will be introduced to the latest music technology equipment, related music software, and make visits to a recording studio.

John Stafford, soundLINCS Manager, said of the project: “young music producers are often working in isolation and EMPower is a brilliant opportunity for them to meet up, work together as a small group, and raise the profile of their creative work within the home and at school.”

EMPower commences in September 2013 and completes in February 2015. All young producers who are interested will need to submit a short application as there are limited places available.

Young Music Producers aged 11 – 16 who are interested in learning more about EMPower can contact soundLINCS on 01522 510073 or email info@soundlincs.org.

EMPower is organised by community music organisation soundLINCS, with funding from Youth Music and Lincolnshire Music Service.


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